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Posting Data to the Creatio OData REST API from PowerShell

Creatio’s OData REST API is easy to use. However, it is typically a multi-step process to first login, then do your actual request. Also, there are items from the login request that must be added to subsequent requests (cookies and adding the BPMCSRF cookie value returned from the login to a BPMCSRF header). This article […]

[Webinar] Workflow Management in Infor CRM SLX

Infor is continuing their webinar series to help you maximize the potential of your Infor CRM SLX system.  On Tuesday, June 4th, at 10:30a CDT, the focus will be on workflows.  Workflows provide value because they give a structured approach to completing tasks or processes.  Utilizing workflows will help you to gain efficiency and consistency, […]

Product Update: Creatio 8.1.2

You’re going to want this update. Creatio 8.1.2 is being rolled out to customers, and with it are significant enhancements that will impact user productivity within their respective roles, particularly with the introduction of new apps tailored to Marketing Creatio users.  Below are some of the highlights of the newest version of Creatio as well […]

The Clock is Ticking…Register for No-Code Days Now!

We’re officially a month out from No-Code Days Florida – a fun, informational, and inspirational in-person conference with an intense focus on the future of no-code and CRM.  If you’re still on the fence about attending, here are some highlights from the agenda: May 9th The day will start with sessions meant for every role […]