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Removing the Comma (Thousands Separator) from Integer Fields in Creatio

When using an Integer column in Creatio, formatting will be automatically applied, adding a thousands separator comma to any integer values. However, this might not be the desired behavior. For example, for values that represent a year. To remove this formatting from an integer field on an edit page, we can simply add the following […]

Adding the Actions Dashboard to a Custom Section in Creatio

Many of the out of the box sections in Creatio have something at the top that is called the Actions Dashboard. This is what that looks like: This component allows you to quickly create a call activity, a task, an email, etc, as well as view the next steps, or activities for the record. You […]

Always Showing the Filter Button for a Detail in Creatio

For a detail in Creatio, there’s an option to filter the detail that is buried in the three-dot menu button. Many users might not know that is there. Additionally, if the detail needs to be filtered often, it might be a pain for users to continually look for the filter option in that menu. For […]

Binding Data to Labels on a Page in Creatio

At times you might want to display read-only data on a page in Creatio. For example, you might want to display some calculation or data from some other object in a read-only label on the page. To do this, you’ll follow these steps: Add a text attribute on the page. This is what we’ll bind […]

Emailing a List of Multiple Records from a Process in Creatio

It’s easy to make a table of multiple records in a process for your emails. In this article I will show you how to make a table with a process by looping and using HTML. You can check out my other article about looping for a reference here. This article’s example we will be creating […]

Creating an Edit Page for a Lookup in Creatio

You’ve likely noticed that some lookups in Creatio have an edit page where there are additional details for a lookup item. Other lookups, like the lookups you create, do not have an edit page. Additionally, the lookups with an edit page allow for items to be added to the lookup on the fly, by users. […]

How to Manually Create a New Lookup in Creatio

In this article I will be showing you how to create your own lookup from scratch. If you’re using the wizard to create a page it’s easy to let it just create the lookup for you but sometimes you need to just create a lookup on it’s own. I will show you the steps on […]

Creating or Updating Records Using the Entity Class in Creatio

If you need to create a record in C# code in Creatio, the best option to take is using the Entity class. You’re likely already using the Entity class, when you perform a query using EntitySchemaQuery in server-side code, you’re getting back either an Entity object, or an EntityCollection (a collection of Entity objects). The […]

Conditionally Making a Detail Read-Only in Creatio

I wrote an article before about how to make a detail read-only. The method in the article stubbed out the functions to add the edit, copy, and delete menu items. What if you want to use a detail in several different sections but only allow add, edit, delete from one of these sections? We can […]

How to Add Activities to a Custom Section in Creatio

Out of the box in Creatio, you can connect an Activity to several different types of entities/sections. You can also add support for a custom section to have activities as well with a few manual steps. I’ll outline those steps in this article with code that supports both MSSQL and Postgresql implementations. STEP 1 – […]

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