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Infor CRM – Additional Workflow features

This is a significant new capability being added to Infor CRM 9.x. Everything we do is part of a workflow/process and now Infor has added many more elements and capabilities to the CRM workflow engine. Check out the list of all you can now do using workflow automation all build using a simple graphical UI. […]

Infor CRM – New History Main View

Here is another new feature coming in Infor CRM 9.x They have added a new main view for History records.  This provides all the benefits of other main views such as building groups, searching, and exporting. Coming soon to version 9.x

Adding a Email link to a datagrid in Infor CRM SLX for Windows

Adding an email link to a datagrid in Infor CRM SLX for Windows can be a useful feature to allow users to quickly send emails to a specific recipient without having to manually enter the email address. In this article, I will outline how to create an email link in a datagrid using VBScript in Infor CRM SLX for Windows.

Marketing solutions for Infor CRM – Cost comparison

The 2 leading solutions for adding digital marketing to Infor CRM are Inbox Guru and Creatio marketing from Customer FX.  Both of these solutions are tightly integrated with Infor CRM both LAN and Web however, the way the services are priced is very different* Here are some examples of how the price of the 2 […]

Creatio Marketing integration for Infor CRM

Creatio marketing is a best-of-breed, low-cost, digital marketing solution and soon we will have the integration to Infor CRM available at no cost to our Infor customers.  Until now, Infor CRM customers had to purchase a third-party integration solution or pay for a costly custom development project to integrate Infor CRM and their marketing software.  […]

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