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Quick Tip: Using Emoticons in Creatio Lookups is 🔥

A tip to make lookups in Creatio more interesting, which can help engage users more. Using emoticons in Lookups. I recently had a request to create a “rating” lookup with choices like 1-5. Sounds boring and seeing a “2” on a page doesn’t give a quick visual of what that really means. So, instead, I […]

3-in-1 Low-Code/No-Code Event

  Interested in learning about low-code/no-code CRM?  Curious about market trends and best practices for leveraging low-code/no-code technology?  Creatio is holding an event Wednesday, May 19th at 9am CDT that will bring industry analysts together to discuss the latest in low-code/no-code technology: “We are excited to present our first annual global survey on the state […]

6 Easy Steps to Create a Word Printable Report in Creatio

1) Create new MS Word Report in Report setup area in Creatio First you’re going to open up the report setup area which you’ll find by clicking the gear in the top right corner and then click on Report setup. Then you’ll click new report and then choose MS Word. 2) Set up Report properties […]

Adding a Multiline Text Field in the Creatio Mobile Client

When you add a text field in the Creatio mobile client using the mobile wizard, by default, the field will be a single line of text. If you want to make the text field show multiple lines, you’ll need to add some code to make it display as a multiline text field. To do this, […]

Setting a Sort for Lists in the Creatio Mobile Client

When you configure a list for the Creatio mobile client using the mobile wizard, by default the list shows in database order which isn’t too helpful. However, you can specify a sort for the list in code. The first thing you’ll need to do is add a module for the entity in the Mobile application […]

Creating Modules for the Creatio Mobile Client

Creatio’s mobile client is a hybrid mobile application using the Cordova framework to run a Javascript application inside a native application shell. Creatio provides a mobile application wizard that allows you to easily configure what shows in the mobile application. Just like the Section wizard, the mobile application wizard also generates javascript files. These javascript […]

Installing The Microsoft Word Plug-in for Creatio Printables

Printables are a very useful add on to have in your Creatio system and are very easy to create to make easy Word-based documents with merge fields. In order to create printables, you need to install the Word plug-in from Creatio. This will add functionality in Word that will let you open a printable template […]

How to Add a Custom Section to the Creatio Customer Portal

Creatio has three different portals. The self-service portal is for cases and knowledge base only. If you’re using the Customer portal or Partner portal you can add a custom section. In this article I will be showing you how to add a custom section to your portal in just a few steps. First thing you’re […]

Using the Change Log for Creatio Marketplace Addon

The Change Log for Creatio addon in the Creatio Marketplace allows you to set up logging for columns of any object in Creatio and view the change log on the record it was for. This works a little differently than the out of the box logging since it will display on a tab on the […]

Using Landing Pages With Creatio

With landing pages in Creatio you can add a form to your website that will add data to Creatio. All you need to know is how to create a HTML form for your website it does all of the work to add the data to Creatio for you. In this article I will show you […]

Adding Custom Rich Text Editors to a Page in Creatio

Most sections in Creatio have an Attachment and Notes tab. On this tab you’ll see a rich text editor that allows for HTML content with fonts, text size, colors, tables, and even embedded images. You can create custom rich text editors, just like this one, with just a few simple steps. Your end result will […]

Removing the Comma (Thousands Separator) from Integer Fields in Creatio

When using an Integer column in Creatio, formatting will be automatically applied, adding a thousands separator comma to any integer values. However, this might not be the desired behavior. For example, for values that represent a year. To remove this formatting from an integer field on an edit page, we can simply add the following […]

Adding the Actions Dashboard to a Custom Section in Creatio

Many of the out of the box sections in Creatio have something at the top that is called the Actions Dashboard. This is what that looks like: This component allows you to quickly create a call activity, a task, an email, etc, as well as view the next steps, or activities for the record. You […]

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