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Posting Data to the Creatio OData REST API from PowerShell

Creatio’s OData REST API is easy to use. However, it is typically a multi-step process to first login, then do your actual request. Also, there are items from the login request that must be added to subsequent requests (cookies and adding the BPMCSRF cookie value returned from the login to a BPMCSRF header). This article […]

Product Update: Creatio 8.1.2

You’re going to want this update. Creatio 8.1.2 is being rolled out to customers, and with it are significant enhancements that will impact user productivity within their respective roles, particularly with the introduction of new apps tailored to Marketing Creatio users.  Below are some of the highlights of the newest version of Creatio as well […]

The Clock is Ticking…Register for No-Code Days Now!

We’re officially a month out from No-Code Days Florida – a fun, informational, and inspirational in-person conference with an intense focus on the future of no-code and CRM.  If you’re still on the fence about attending, here are some highlights from the agenda: May 9th The day will start with sessions meant for every role […]

The Future of Work: Embracing No-Code and Gen AI Innovation with Creatio Copilot

Earlier this week Creatio debuted Copilot, which marries Gen AI and no-code technologies with an aim to augment human potential, streamline workflows, and boost productivity across various sectors. From sales to marketing to customer service, Creatio Copilot promises to transform the way organizations operate. The presentation touched on common myths about AI and no-code, new […]

[Video] An Overview of Creatio’s Agent Desktop

The Creatio Agent Desktop is a tool to improve the tasks typically performed by call center and helpdesk agents.  You’re able to manage cases in a single window, access a customer’s profile, and overall improve customer experience.  With the agent desktop, an agent can efficiently handle tickets in omnichannel mode, manage both incoming and outgoing […]

🤖 Generative AI Use Cases Using Out-of-the-Box Functionality

Next Tuesday, March 12th at 10a EDT, Creatio will host a webinar featuring Creatio Copilot, which utilizes Generative AI and No-Code technologies to deliver an unseen level of efficiency and agility.  There are so many possibilities when it comes to the use of Gen AI it can be hard to know where to start.  This webinar […]

Embedding an IFRAME on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

In a previous article I outlined how to embed an IFRAME on a Classic Creatio page. This article will outline how to do this for a Freedom UI page. We'll accomplish this by creating a simple Freedom UI component, and then adding the component to the page. We'll be able to use a static URL for the IFRAME source or bind the source to a property on the page.

Getting Resource Strings in Code on a Creatio Freedom UI Page

There are many cases where you need to get a localizable resource string in code on a Freedom UI page. For example, displaying prompts to the user. This is a simple thing, however, this article should clear uo any doubts of how to retrieve them in page requests. In this scenario, I have a resource […]

Navigating a User Back From a Creatio Freedom UI Page

There are some scenarios where you want to prevent a user from proceeding to a page and instead force them to go back to where they started. It could be scenarios where they need to complete other things first, or maybe they don’t have a specified permission to proceed to a given page. You can […]

Save the Date! Creatio Generative AI 🤖 Webinar March 12th

AI isn’t going anywhere, and organizations are finding more and more ways to implement AI to make a positive impact on their business.  If you’re looking for ways to use AI to make improvements, your CRM is a great place to start!  On March 12th, 2024 at 9a CST Creatio will host a Generative AI […]