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Manage SQL Logs in Infor CRM Database

As I mentioned in last week’s post, using the Full recovery model in SQL in an Infor CRM database would prevent some data loss in the event of a database failure, but would require more careful management of the SQL logs. In today’s post, I will expand on that. When using the Full recovery model […]

User Passwords in Infor CRM

Password options is Infor CRM can be accessed by going to Tools > Options in the Administrator program, while a specific user's locked login may be unlocked by right clicking on that user and choosing Reset User Logins.

Infor CRM New Mail Merge is Now Available

  Big news!  The Mail Merge Word Add-in is finally here!  We know many of  you have been waiting for this functionality after support ended for IE11, which was the only browser that could be used for mail merge.  We are planning to record a comprehensive demo of the Infor CRM Mail Merge Word Add-in, […]

Password Security Update for All Infor CRM Cloud Instances

Summary All CRM cloud instances will have their database credentials rotated to ensure password security. We will be updating all out-of-the-box database passwords including SYSDBA during an upcoming maintenance update. Impact If you have built any integrations or customizations that directly access the database using SYSDBA credentials, you will need to contact support to get […]

Updating CRM CSS Files Best Practice

Updating CRM CSS Files Best Practice for updating or extending the CRM CSS files  Do not update the CRM CSS files directly.  Create a new CSS file to hold your changes or additions  Open the Project Explorer in AA and navigate to: SlxClient SupportFiles css  Right-click on the css folder and […]

Infor CRM 8.5.01 looking ahead

Looking Ahead will be released within the next few months and may include the following enhancements and features:  Mail Merge Replacement (IE 11. requirement removed)  64bit support for AA  Core Merge Utility  JQuery updated to the latest version  CRM Quote promotion to CSD  Visual Multi-Site functionality in bi-directional […]

Infor CRM Mobile 4.2 new features

Infor CRM Mobile 4.2 is available for download from the Infor Support Portal. Activity Enhancements – Ability to view Associations on the Activity and History detail views – Ability to view and manage contacts or leads who are attendees to an activity User Experience Improvements – Group application preferences are now user-specific rather than just […]

Sneek Peek – Infor CRM New Mail Merge for Word Templates

It’s almost here, the new mail merge capability for Infor CRM that no longer requires Internet Explorer.  In fact, it should work with all compatible browsers.  For now, it’s going to be part of the 8.5.01 release and we are hoping that Infor can make it backward compatible with earlier releases. Take a look at […]

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