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Infor CRM SLX 8.5.XXX what to expect

Infor shared with their partners a new roadmap of features planned in upcoming releases.  A lot of these changes are a direct result of feedback from partners at a recent meeting in the Infor New York headquarters office. This is not a commitment by Infor and they cannot be held to these potential future changes

Infor CRM Product Documentation is Moving

    Infor just announced that Infor CRM product documentation is moving to They are currently in the process of moving all Cloud and current versions of Infor CRM product documentation from Infor Concierge and the Infor Support Portal to Documentation Central. When the migration is completed Documentation Central will become your go-to site […]

Realigning Activities in Infor CRM SLX

  Have you ever wondered how to realign Activities for a user in Infor CRM SLX that has left the company or maybe taken on a different role within the company?  The first thought would be to write a SQL script to change the user. However, this presents a problem because many different tables are […]

Infor CRM SLX v8.5.0.01 has been released

              Infor CRM SLX v8.5.0.01 has been released and is available for download now from the Infor Support Portal.  The files themselves are attached to this article: KB 2237934 There are 7 pages of bug fixes included in this release, as well as enhancements. Release highlights: New Mail Merge […]

Infor Responds to Cyber Risks Related to the Eastern European Conflict

There’s a lot of uncertainty and stress resulting from the conflict in Ukraine, both for its citizens and those connected to the situation.  Worldwide there are also increased risks of cyber attacks.  Infor recently released a statement on what they are doing to help lessen the risk to customers: “While Infor’s security program has long […]

Infor Cloudsuite CRM SLX update 8.5.01 available March 2nd

It looks like we will be able to download the latest update to Infor CRM SLX release, 8.5.01 on March 2nd.  We have been anticipating this for a while now so are excited that it will finally become available next week. Check out the Looking Ahead section in the image below for a list of […]

How-to: Creating a New Manager Field in Infor CRM

There may be many routes to the same solution, but here is one method to get a new Manager field into Infor CRM. First and foremost, do this on a test system. Also, backup your database prior to making any changes. In this scenario we want to create a new Support Manager field on the […]

Infor CRM has a new name – Infor CRM SLX

Is Infor CRM making its way back to its Saleslogix roots ??? (Re-)Introducing Infor CRM SLX – Infor’s single-tenant SaaS/on-premises CRM solution has a new name—Infor CRM SLX. Our R&D teams will maintain their strong focus on delivering the capabilities promised in our roadmap and requested by prospects and customers.

Log4j and Infor CRM

Infor CRM is not vulnerable to the log4j security exploit, but there are steps that can be taken to make some of its supporting programs more secure.

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