SalesLogix OLE DB Provider Documentation

 SalesLogix OLE DB Provider Documentation

In SalesLogix, database access and security is controlled by the SalesLogix OLE DB provider. The OLE DB Provider allows ADO access to SalesLogix data without the need for a proprietary API. Developers use standard ADO to access SalesLogix data and the SalesLogix OLE DB Provider automatically enforces user security and provides automatic data synchronization.

Technically, the SalesLogix OLE DB Provider is a service provider. It extends the functionality of the SQL Server OLE DB (Data) Provider by adding three services which are not natively supported. These services are internal to the SalesLogix OLE DB Provider and used automatically via the standard ADO interface. No additional or proprietary SalesLogix ADO methods are required.

The SalesLogix OLE DB Provider automatically:

  • Performs data logging
  • Manages user connections to the database and enforces licensing
  • Enforces field- and record-level data security on all queries passed to the database
  • Creates transaction exchange files (TEFs) for synchronization of data to remote users

Security does not require a server password on the user’s machine. All access rights are defined in the SalesLogix Administrator and on the SalesLogix Server (the OLE DB Provider). The user only requires their log on password, and that is not cached or stored in the Registry.

The SalesLogix OLE DB Provider is not limited to SalesLogix Clients. Visual Basic, Application Service Provider (ASP) pages, Crystal Reports, or any other application that uses a standard OLE DB connection may access SalesLogix data as a client. The interface is standard Microsoft ADO, requiring no proprietary API calls to access the data.

Note, download is in CHM format. If needed, Google CHM readers for the operating system you are using to view.

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PublishedAugust 10, 2015

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