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Creatio Marketing Integration for Infor CRM

Creatio marketing is a best-of-breed, low-cost, digital marketing solution and we have the integration to Infor CRM available at no cost to our Infor customers.  Until now, Infor CRM customers had to purchase a third-party integration solution or pay for a costly custom development project to integrate Infor CRM and their marketing software.  This solution is a seamless, automated integration that can send Creatio email campaigns to Infor Contact or Lead record groups and then record the email results back to Infor CRM. A free two-week trial of Creatio Marketing is available here or contact us for a private demonstration.

The Creatio Marketing capabilities combined with Infor CRM will result in a tightly integrated solution for your marketing department. The integration allows you to use Infor CRM Contact groups for market segmentation which then can be synced to Creatio marketing Contact folders.

Some of the features of the integrated solution include:

  • Infor CRM Contact groups sync to the matching Creatio marketing folder.
  • New Creatio Folders are created upon the initial sync.
  • Contacts are updated in Creatio or created as new Creatio records during the Contact sync process
  • Infor CRM Contact groups, both static and dynamic, can be set to periodically refresh as new Infor CRM Contacts fall into or out of a Group.

Infor CRM Contact records have 2 new tabs that will display which Creatio marketing campaigns they were included in as well as individual marketing emails. The marketing emails continuously update as the Contact interacts with the marketing email which tracks delivery, opens, and link clicks.

Do Not Email flags also update during the sync process. This data can then be used for further segmentations both in Infor CRM and Creatio for targeted marketing efforts.

Creatio marketing includes bulk and trigger email campaigns and also…

  • Process automation
  • Website visitor tracking
  • Landing pages and web forms
  • Surveys
  • AI tools
  • and more

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Video Demonstration of Creatio Marketing for Infor CRM

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