Git for the SalesLogix Developer

The Git for the Saleslogix Developer series covers all areas of working with Git source control with Infor CRM (Saleslogix)

Git for the SalesLogix Developer

The first in a new series of posts on how to use Git for source control in SalesLogix development, this post will introduce Git, some Git terminology and some of the software you'll use.

Git for the SalesLogix Developer – Installing Git

In this second post in the "Git for the SalesLogix Developer" series, we will be taking a look at how to install and configure Git. This tutorial will give you everything you need to know if you are new to Git so you can get it all set up and ready to use. In a later post we'll look at how to use Git, but it all starts with knowing how to get started.

Git for the SalesLogix Developer – Setting up a new Repository

If you've been following along in the Git for the SalesLogix Developer series, you should now have Git installed and configured. Now it's time to start putting it to use. In this post (and included video), I will outline the steps to take an existing SalesLogix project and put it under Git source control. Setting up the initial repository is not a hard task, but knowing all the steps is the only way to get it done.

Git for the SalesLogix Developer – Using a Git Repository

In the last post in the Git for the SalesLogix Developer series, I outlined how to set up a repository. Once that is complete, other developers can use that repository to collaborate on the project. This post outlines how to use a repository and bring it locally so you can use it for development.

Git for the SalesLogix Developer – Using the .gitignore to Exclude Files in Your Model

When using Git, or really any source control system, you don't want everything in your SalesLogix model to be under source control. There are some files that the Application Architect uses for it's own purposes and volatile files that have no importance for your purposes and are recreated as needed. These files that change often with no importance to what you're working on can make things difficult when working with source control sin...

Excluding SalesLogix Model Files from Source Control

Whether you're using Git, or some other source control system, there are certain files in a SalesLogix model that you do not want to include in your source control. Many part of the files in an exported SalesLogix model are automatically generated by the Application Architect and by the build process when you build your web platform. Having these files under source control would only complicate things when working with multiple developers sin...

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