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“You guys are a breath of fresh air to work with”

Vickie Underwood

Marketing Coordinator, Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union

If you’ve hit the wall, it’s time to call Customer FX

Feel like you’ve hit the wall with Creatio, Infor CRM, or your current partnership?  It might be time to consider making Customer FX your partner.  You know you’re in good hands when you team up with a partner that is dedicated to the best CRM solutions on the market – Creatio & Infor CRM – and dedicated to our customers.  Our expert staff has a depth of Creatio & Infor CRM knowledge that you’ll be hard pressed to find elsewhere, which means we are in a perfect position to help you attain maximum value from Creatio or Infor CRM while at the same time minimizing the total cost of ownership. If you’ve been struggling, you can count on Customer FX to help you break through the wall.

Future-proof CRM

Whether this is your first time implementing CRM, or you are an CRM veteran, our years of experience and proven methods will help you to develop CRM in a way that not only fits your business but will ease the pain of upgrades.  What do we mean by future-proof?  It means our goal as we develop your customizations is for them to carry forward in the future.  And if we know a customization will need to be recreated we make sure you understand the challenges and can make informed customization decisions.

Work with an All-Pro team.

The All-Pro team at Customer FX has an average of 15 years experience working with CRM, meaning not only will you always have a CRM expert to assist you with consulting, development, upgrades, support, and training, but the longevity of our team means that you will know your technicians and they will know you.  What makes us an All-Pro team goes beyond our years of experience.  We are committed to sharing knowledge with the CRM community through blog posts, monthly webinars that share the latest product knowledge, and the use of a web-based collaboration portal to keep information organized and accessible to everyone involved in a project from start to finish.

Technical Capabilities

What set us apart, we think outside the box – and we have the skills to back it up. Our technical talents go far beyond the Creatio and Infor/Saleslogix development tools. We’re expert developers. Whether that means extending Creatio or Infor CRM in a way you were previously told wasn’t possible, a rock solid integration solution between two separate systems, or developing a completely custom & stand-alone application for desktop, backend servers, web, or mobile. Our team lives and breathes C#/.NET, Javascript, HTML5/CSS3, web services, and custom API’s – you name it. We work with whatever technologies are the best fit for the job and our team’s skills is what allows us to do that.

Our Professional Services include

  • Consulting – To align your business goals with the CRM system including workflows, data collection, and reporting.
  • Development – To tailor the software to your specific requirements including screen design and integrations.
  • Support – To keep your CRM system performing at it’s best on your servers, workstations, and mobile devices.
  • Upgrades – To take advantage of the latest technologies and new software features.
  • Training – To promote user adoption and efficiency.  We train your users, executives, administrators, and developers.

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