Filter Highlighting

Filter Highlighting

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Filter highlighting for Creatio

Filter highlighting for Creatio will make it easier to see when you have filters set in any list in Creatio.

Use cases:

It is easy to overlook that a section list is filtered in Creatio. This can make it difficult to find a record or make actions performed against multiple records inaccurate since some records might be hidden by a filter. Filter highlighting makes it more obvious and noticable when you have a filter set in a section list.

Key features:

  • add a colored highlight to any filters when set, the highlight is removed when the filter is cleared;
  • easily see when any list is filtered;
  • highlight selected folders when the folder list is closed;
  • Supports both Freedom UI lists and Classic lists

Install the Filter Highlighting for Creatio Add-on

Install in Creatio Marketplace

Note, the current version of Filter Highlighting for Creatio in the Marketplace supports only Creatio versions 8.0.6 and higher. This is a new change in order to support Freedom UI. If you need this add-on for older versions of Creatio, you can download the unsupported legacy version (with no Freedom UI support).
Download legacy version

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