Recently Viewed Records

Recently Viewed Records

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Recently viewed records for Creatio

Recently viewed records for Creatio keeps track of your recently viewed records so that you can quickly return to them without wasting time to search. As you navigate from record to record, the add-on will record your history and group the records by section. You can click on any record to open it.

Use cases:

View and navigate back to recently viewed records in Creatio.

Key features:

  • Quick access menu with all recently viewed records in Creatio grouped by section.
  • Track both out-of-the-box sections and custom sections.
  • Persistent history. The history of recently viewed records is not flushed between login sessions.
  • Optional flushing to start fresh.
  • Set up the number of items to store per section.
  • Sort the menu sections by recently viewed (default) or in the alphabetical order.
  • Supports both classic and Freedom UI versions of Creatio.


  • The sorting settings apply to the menu sections only. The items and records within each section are sorted by recently viewed only.
  • All settings apply for all users.

System Settings:

Setup the number of records. Go to “System designer” > “System settings” > “Maximum number of recent items per section”, change the number of records stored per section and save the changes. The default value is 8 records per section.

Setup menu sorting. Go to “System designer” > “System settings” > “Sort sections by most recent”, change how the menu is sorted. The default is true, meaning the sections in the menu will sort by the most recently visited record within the section. If set to false, the sections will sort alphabetically. This only applies to the sections, the records within each section will always be sorted by most recently accessed.

Install the Recently Viewed Records for Creatio Add-on

Install in Creatio Marketplace

Note, the current version of Recently Viewed Records for Creatio in the Marketplace supports only Creatio versions 8.0.8 and higher. This is a new change in order to support Freedom UI. If you need this add-on for older versions of Creatio, you can download the unsupported legacy version (with no Freedom UI support).
Download legacy version

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