Product Demos, Developer Training, and Tutorials for Creatio & Infor CRM and More

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Import Records via the Infor CRM LAN Wizard

When it comes to importing records into Infor CRM there are several options. In this video we will look at importing Account and Contact records via t...

Creatio Service demo

In this demonstration, we show you an overview of the Service features in Creatio CRM.

Using Advanced SpeedSearch in Infor CRM

Whether you're trying to find a specific note, a request in a support ticket, or resolution in a support ticket, Advanced SpeedSearch is a very useful...

An Introduction to Marketing Creatio

Whether used alone, as part of the Creatio CRM suite, or integrated with another CRM system, you will be impressed with Marketing Creatio’s...

Creating Quick Filters in Infor CRM

Filters can be created on any Entity in Infor CRM. In this short training video you will learn how to create a filter at the Opportunity Entity Level...

Demystifying Infor CRM v8.5 for IT

The newest version of Infor CRM, v8.5, touts itself as being "Upgrade Safe" but what does this really mean? This video will discuss the technical sid...

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