Product Demos, Developer Training, and Tutorials for bpm’online & Infor CRM (Saleslogix) and More

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The Top 5 Reasons CRM Implementations Fail

In this presentation, we share with you what we have learned in our 20+ years of experience to get to the bottom of why CRM systems fail and the solut...

Infor Contract Lifecycle Management

In this live demonstration, we will show you the features and benefits of the Infor Contract Lifecycle Management solution.

Creating and Using Contact Processes

Creating and using a Contact Process is an excellent way to automate common follow-up activities, which will improve your ability to consistently com...

Creating and Using Sales Processes

Creating a Sales Process in Infor CRM can help you close opportunities by ensuring important steps in the sales cycle aren't missed, and are carried o...

Navigating Reports in Infor CRM 8.3.x

This demonstration will walk you through accessing and running reports in Infor CRM, as well as managing and adding Crystal Reports.

InboxGuru Marketing Automation for Infor CRM

In this demonstration, we show you several of the features of the native email marketing solution built specifically for Infor CRM. Included in Inbox...

Infor CRM Contour demonstration

In this demonstration we will show you all of the new features of the Infor CRM Contour mapping and driving directions feature. Contour is included a...

Infor CRM with Infor Ming.le Integration

Infor Ming.le is a social collaboration solution that integrates with most Infor business applications including Infor CRM. With Ming.le, your team c...

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