The Top 5 Reasons CRM Implementations Fail

Attend the Workshop - The Top 5 Reasons CRM Implementations Fail!

Wednesday 25th October 2017 at 2:00pm CDT

...And how to avoid them. No one likes failure. Especially when undertaking a project as costly and time consuming as implementing CRM. Often these implementations start out with the greatest intentions - improve customer interactions, increase productivity, streamline processes - only to unravel. But there are ways to increase your odds for success. Customer FX has been helping customers to implement CRM for 24 years, and as you can imagine, we've seen our share of do's and don'ts. Join us this month as we discuss our top 5 reasons CRM implementations fail and what you can do to avoid the pitfalls.

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Wednesday 25th October 2017 at 2:00pm CDT - 33.616666666667 hours
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