Conditional SmartParts Module

Conditional SmartParts Module

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Conditional SmartParts Module for Infor CRM

The Conditional SmartParts Module is a configurable module for Infor CRM that allows you to specify SmartParts to show or hide based on values of an entity property.

This module allows you to easily show or hide SmartParts based on values of the entity. For example, if you wanted to show certain SmartParts only for Account records with a Type value of “Customer” and other SmartParts only for Account records with a value of “Vendor”. This can be easily configured in this module’s config file and then it all magically works at runtime.

Using the Conditional SmartParts Module

To use this module, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Install the provided bundle
  2. Open the SlxClient portal in Application Arhitect and select the SupportFiles tab
  3. Locate the FX.ConditionalSmartParts.json file and double-click to open it
  4. Add an entry for the entity, the property to check, and the SmartParts that should show for each value
  5. Deploy

The way this works is if a SmartPart is not listed for a value in the config file, the SmartPart will show for all records. If a SmartPart is listed for a value in the config file, it will only show for records with that value. You can use this for several different entities or even for moltiple different fields for the same entity.

Sample Configuration File

After installing the bundle, the configuration file will be located in the root of the SupportFiles folder of the SlxClient portal. The following is a sample configuration:

  "Active": true,
  "ConfigEntities": [
      "Entity": "Account",
      "EntityProperty": "Address.City",
      "ConfigValues": [
          "Value": "Chicago",
          "SmartParts": [
          "Value": "Phoenix",
          "SmartParts": [

The Active property allows you to turn on/off this module with one setting.

Note: The EntityProperty specifies a property for the current entity (specified in the Entity property). This can be a simple or complex property. For example, for the Account entity, this can be a simple property, such as “Type”, or a complex property, such as “Address.City”. This is a case-sensitive property name.

Download the Conditional SmartParts Module


Note: Source is also available on Github, visit the repository here.

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The Conditional SmartParts Module is licensed under the MIT License. View the license details. No warranties are given or implied. Use as-is at your own risk.

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