Custom Loader Module

Custom Loader Module

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Custom Loader Module for Infor CRM

The Custom Loader Module is a module for Infor CRM Web that will dynamically load custom Javascript and CSS Stylesheet files without the need to modify any of the master pages to add code to load them.

In a nutshell, this is how it works. Once you install the bundle, a module is added to the SlxClient portal as well as three folders in the SupportFiles of the portal. One for standard Javascript files, one for Javascript/Dojo AMD modules, and one for stylesheets. All you need to do is drop your Javascript or CSS files into those folders and they will get dynamically loaded at runtime.

Complete Steps to Use

  1. Download the FX.CustomLoader.Module bundle
  2. Install the bundle in Application Architect
  3. Look in the SlxClient/SupportFiles and you’ll see a folder called “Custom” which contains three subfolders named “Modules”, “Scripts”, and “Style”.
  4. Drop any javascript files in the SupportFiles/Custom/Scripts folder (you can organize things with subfolders if you’d like)
  5. Drop any CSS style files in the SupportFiles/Custom/Style folder (you can organize things with subfolders if you’d like)
  6. Drop any javascript to be loaded as AMD modules in the SupportFiles/Custom/Modules folder. Place the files for each module in a separate subdirectory. The subdirectory name will be used as the module name. For example, if your AMD module namespace is “Test”, place the files in a subfolder named “Test”. When loaded at runtime, it will load the module as “Test”. If the module includes a “main.js” file it will get executed automatically at runtime.

FX.CustomLoader Module Folders

Any new style or javascript files you need to add, just drop them in those folders and you’re good to go.

If you’d like to change the folders the module looks in, those are configurable. Just go to the Modules tab for the SlxClient, select the FX.CustomLoader.Module and click the Configure button. You’ll get a dialog where you can specify different paths.

FX.CustomLoader Configure

If you run into any issues, feel free to submit an issue on Github or a pull request.

Download Custom Loader Module


Note: Source is also available on Github, visit the repository here.

The Custom Loader Module is licensed under the GNU v3.0 License. View the license details. No warranties are given or implied. Use as-is at your own risk.

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