5 Benefits of Implementing a Mobile CRM Solution

Implementing Mobile CRM can be a game changer for your workforce, and your customers.

There was a time when laptops were the best, and only, option for a sales person/technician/executive on the go that needed to stay connected with the office.  There are many problems with this approach – in comparison to mobile devices laptops are slow, inconvenient, and usually only used at designated times – such as the end of the day, or when you finally make it to a spot with a WiFi connection and space to setup.  Whether you realize it or not, this has a negative impact on your staff, your customers, and your bottom line.  Here are 5 reasons you should consider implementing Mobile CRM:

  1. Increased Customer Satisfaction – customer requests, issues, orders, etc. can be acted upon immediately during, or following, a meeting or service call.  No waiting until you are back at the office or in a convenient place to take out your laptop and login into CRM.
  2. Increased Productivity – numerous studies (including this one from Nucleus Research) show a 15% increase in the productivity of the sales team when Mobile CRM is implemented.
  3. Shorter Sales Cycles – when the sales team is able to provide the information a customer requires immediately in the field, the customer decision making time frame is shortened.
  4. Increased Sales – Other studies (like this one from Innoppl) show 65% of sales reps that use Mobile CRM make their quota, versus only 22% of those that don’t.  Which makes sense.  When a sales rep is able to be more productive and shorten the time spent on each sales cycle, meeting quotas becomes easier.
  5. Improved Access to/Sharing of Information – when Mobile CRM is implemented there is immediate access to information between the team in the field and the front and back office.  Which means Senior Management has up-to-date insight into the sales cycle, accounting can get to work preparing invoices, and customer service can immediately schedule follow-up actions to service calls.

There are many compelling reasons to implement a Mobile CRM solution, and there is no denying that use of Mobile CRM will continue to grow.  If you aren’t utilizing Mobile CRM you may be missing out.






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