Demystifying Saleslogix Updates

Wednesday, September 24th at 2pm CDT.



Updates to Saleslogix are great,
they mean that as a product it continues to grow in features and improvements
are made to fix flaws, but at the same time updates can be confusing.
 Trying to make sense of updates is an issue customers often come to us
with – does this update fix a bug? Add a feature?  Both? In this month’s
presentation we will demystify the steady stream of software updates produced
by Saleslogix to bring some clarity to common questions:


  • How
    do I know what updates are available for my system?
  • How
    do I know where to get the updates?
  • What
    are the different types of updates and what are they called?
  • Which
    updates will impact my customizations and how can I tell?
  • How
    do I make sense of the update documentation?
  • Applying
    updates – what are the prerequisites and do I need to install them in

What:  Demystifying
Saleslogix Updates presented by Scott Weber of Customer FX.
When: Wednesday,
September 24, 2014 at 2pm CDT
Where: Online
via GoToWebiner
Cost: FREE!






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