KnowledgeSync Dashboard Alerts for SalesLogix Demo

Wednesday, February 15, 2012, at 2pm CST.

The final demo in a series of 3 KnowledgeSync demos, Dashboard Alerts have 3 distinct uses:

Business Area Dashboard: A
Business Area Snapshot is a display of information that pertains to a
specific business area or pain, such as overdue Opportunities, Sales
Pipeline status, Unassigned Leads, or Support Calls Open More Than 3

User-Specific Dashboard: A User-Specific Assignment
is a display of similar information that pertains to a specific user
such as My Overdue Opportunities, My Activities for Today, My New Leads,
etc.  User-Specific Assignments only show those records that are
assigned to the user initiating the Dashboard display.

User Alert Dashboard: A
User Alert Listing is a display of all alerts, for all business
conditions, that apply to a specific user. As an example, during the
course of the day a user may be notified about an overdue Opportunity,
an invoice that requires payment, and a form that needs to be
completed.  These disparate items are placed together on the User Alert

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