New Feature Spotlight: Saleslogix v8.1 and Google Integration

Wednesday, April 16th at 2pm CDT.



Saleslogix integration is going to the next level with the upcoming release of
the the Saleslogix Google integration feature.  Besides giving you the
option of replacing Outlook for sending and receiving emails, Google
integration allows for contact and calendar 2-way sync, which happens on a
server using SDATA and Google’s API.  Register for this month’s webinar
and see this integration in action:

  • Email
    – For new emails within Gmail, set a Tag (Gmail label) to “Record
    Saleslogix”.  This copies the email to the Saleslogix Contact
    history.  You can also label any email in your Gmail inbox to “Record
    Saleslogix” which creates the history record.  After the sync
    happens, it updates the label to “Recorded in Saleslogix”.
  • Contacts
    – Syncs in both directions based off of an Ad-hoc contacts group.
  • Calendar
    – Events sync in both directions.




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