Realigning Activities in Infor CRM SLX


Have you ever wondered how to realign Activities for a user in Infor CRM SLX that has left the company or maybe taken on a different role within the company?  The first thought would be to write a SQL script to change the user. However, this presents a problem because many different tables are involved with Activities. You cannot just update the Activities table and it is complete. You would have to update all the different tables that are affected.
Using the Administrator program and the Realign Activities tool is the best way to realign.  I have documented some steps below to help you with the Activity realignment.

Realign Activities

  1. Prior to making any large changes on your database, always make sure to a database backup before making those changes.
  2. Open the Administrator Program as Admin
  3. Go to Tools/Realign Activities

Infor CRM Administrator Tools










4. On this screen you can choose the user you want to realign (Source user).
5. On the bottom of the screen choose the Target user.
6. Then click on the Realign button.










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