SalesLogix Mobile v5.5 in Beta

New features are coming your way!

SalesLogix Mobile v5.5 is currently in beta, and while there is no public release date there are some great new features that will be available in the new version.  Interested?  Here is what you can expect:

Area Feature Description
Administration Add User Wizard Bulk import and setup of users into the Mobile Adminstrator.
Enhanced Workbench The Administrator Workbench is now more logical and easy to follow. Users are organized into User Groups.
Simplified Deployment Customizable e-mail notification for OTA installation of clients.
Status Dashboard Enhancements Monitor sync status for individual users, and drill down into device info and client applicatoin logs.
Mobile Clients Pause and Resume When connectivity is lost during a sync the process will automatically pause and then continue when connectivity is restored. Users can also manually pause and resume a sync.
Backup and Restore Key SalesLogix data is backed up to the server during a sync and restored to the client if the Mobile application must be re-installed, eliminating the need to reset the Site Code. The BlackBerry PIN number is sent to the server during initialization eliminating the need to manually enter it when implementing AutoSync.
Windows Mobile AutoSync Introduces “real-time” synchronization to Windows Mobile environments, where updates occur without user initiation. Similar to BlackBerry.
BlackBerry Location Awareness Ability to map an address. When using OS 4.6 or higher, the ability to get directions to an address can be implemented.
Enhanced Subscription Leverages sData to view Account/Contact information from the subscription screen.
Architect New Form Wizard Simplifies form generation for both Windows Mobile and BlackBerry customizations.
Multiple JDE Support Supports multiple BlackBerry development environments, to take advantage of device/OS-specific functionality.
Enhanced Packager The Packager automatically collects all the necessary build files when creating a package.

I will keep you posted as I learn more!


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