What Do We Do With Those Backup Database Files?

When working with the team at Customer FX, more often than not we are going to ask for a current back copy of your production system and I hope this blog will help you understand why.

Using a recent version of the database lowers the risk of Customer FX overwriting any customizations that you have in the system. Also, when you report an issue to Customer FX it helps if we can log in using the credentials of the user and have access to the same records the issue is occurring with. Obviously, the newer the version we have the easier it is for us to help you. 

Some things you should know – when we request this backup file we will provide you instructions with access to a secure folder up on customerfx.sharefile.com.   We are notified by the site when you have uploaded the file and our very first priority is to download and delete the file from the site.  Once we have the backup file we will create two separate environments, one development and one test.  These environments are meant to replicate, as close as possible, the production environment. 

As we work to develop a solution you have requested, we do all of the work in the development environment.  Once we complete our development effort we will package up the deliverable and document any additional steps needed for installation.  We will use the test environment to prove the installation procedures are accurate and ensure the deliverable package is complete and working as requested.  Often, before we deliver a solution we will contact you and demonstrate what is being delivered and offer you the opportunity to ask questions.   

Our overall goal is to make sure the solution you requested is delivered accurately and without causing conflicts in your production system. 




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