Adding a SQL Value to a Mail Merge Using the New Infor CRM Mail Merge Addin

If you have tried the new Infor CRM Mail Merge addin from Infor, you may have noticed you cannot insert the Account Manager of an Contact into the Mail Merge document.  You also cannot add Custom Fields from Custom tables.  There is a resolution – create a new SQL value field in the Word Addin to access Account Manager.  Create a new SQL Value field and use this script:

SELECT b.USERNAME FROM CONTACT a left join USERINFO b on a.accountmanagerid=b.userid WHERE a.CONTACTID = :ContactID

To do this go to the Insert Field menu and choose SQL Value.

















Enter you SQL statement into the the SQL field and click on OK. This will insert into your Mail Merge Template.












When you run the Mail Merge Template it will insert the name of the Account Manager from the Contact.

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Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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