Customizing the Name of the Infor CRM web client

A lot of customers have asked to have the web client modified from the generic Infor CRM branding to their own company branding.

While a lot of this is fairly easy to accomplish by modifying files directly in the VFS, there is one particular file that is a bit hidden. Lets go through the files:
Login.aspx contains the logo and on screen verbiage. Logo is contained in the SLXBase.css file in the inforSignInDialog section
Logoff.aspx contains the logo and on screen verbiage. Logo is contained in the SLXBase.css file in the inforSignInDialog section
app_localresources/Logoff.aspx.resx contains some branding on the logoff screen.
Masters/App_localResources/Login.master.resx contains the page title for login and logoff pages
Masters/Core.master contains the image file above navbar and application name next to the top toolbars. Image file sizing is in the layout.css file under the navLogo section

That takes care of most of the spots. There is one additional change that is harder to track down. That is the page title for each page within the web client itself. The page title actually gets constructed for each page in the base format of “Infor CRM – Page title”, for instance “Infor CRM – Accounts”. This page construction is built onto each page as it is built during the web portal build and deploy. The code that is constructed onto each page is in a method called SetTitleBar and looks like this:

this.Title = HttpUtility.HtmlEncode(Resources.Portal.PortalBrowserTitle + " - " + text).Replace("'","'");

The Resources.Portal.PortalBrowserTitle relates to a file in the deployed portal in the \AppGloabelResources folder called Portal.resx. This file is not stored in the VFS, but is generated as part of the deployment. There is a way to get to the underlying template used during the deployment however. To do so you can follow these steps:

1) Open the Virtual File System Explorer (Cntrl+Alt+F)
2) Expand out the tree to the following path: Model/Portal/Slxclient
3) Double click the file SLXClient.cabapp.ptl.xml.resx
4) In the file that opens, scroll down to line 124, which should say

<value>Infor CRM</value>

5) Change that line to your specific branding, like:

<value>Customer FX is cool</value>

6)Save the changes to this file.

Now when you deploy the end result is your page title will reflect this new value:



Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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