Details on the Newly Released 8.3.10 update for Infor CRM

Infor just released update 8.3.10. This fix contains A LOT of fixes to issues that are present in 8.3.09. Infor splits the delivery of these into 3 sets of files, SNC, Core, and Model. Typically the model update is the most troublesome to integrate since it can affect the various UI elements that users of Infor CRM typically customize. While the SNC and Core updates can also contain files that may be updated, the model is the most likely source for concern when applying the updates.

Making identifying what potential conflicts are can be hard. This is made more difficult because the patches from Infor are cumulative. So 8.3.10 contains all the fixes from 8.3.01- 8.3.09 plus new fixes.

I decided to analyze what is different between the 8.3.09 and 8.3.10 level of the Model components. This gives an idea for those customers that are already on 8.3.09 what areas may need to get retrofitted. Because 8.3.10 contains all changes, you still need to worry about preserving conflicts when you install this update. However, this list should help to identify what truly is touched by the new 8.3.10 fixes.

The list of new files altered in 8.3.10 is as follows:

Quick Forms

  • Account Quick form InsertAccount
  • Contact quick form ContactDetails
  • Integration quick form IntegrationDetail
  • Integration quick form IntegrationUsers
  • Opportunity quick form OpportunityDetails
  • Opportunity quick form OpportunityProducts
  • Ticket quick form TicketDetails
  • Role quick form RoleUsers

The InsertAccount quick form has had one of the load actions reworked.
The ContactDetails quick form has added prompts and code actions to the “Do Not” check boxes.
The IntegrationDetail quick form has had a provider definitions changed away from YAHOO to FIXER
The IntegrationUsers quick form has a new custom format function applied to the grid.
The OpportunityDetails quick form has the EstimatedClose date control with a new empty value definitions added as well as a new post action on the Save click.
The OpportunityProducts quick form grid modified the getExchangeRate client function.
The TicketDetails quick form modified the Load1 action. It also added a method to the pklViaCode picklist change action.
The RoleUsers quick form added AppliedSecurity for Administration/Role/Edit to the grid buttons.

Support Files

  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\App_GlobalResources\SalesLogix.resx
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\App_LocalResources\Login.aspx.resx
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\Contact\InsertContact.ascx
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\Lead\LeadSearchAndConvert.ascx.cs
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\OpportunitySalesProcess\OpportunitySalesProcess.ascx.cs
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\Options\GeneralSearchOptionsPage.ascx
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\Options\UserProfileOptionsPage.ascx.cs
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\PickList\AddEditPickListItem.ascx.cs
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\PickList\PickListDetail.ascx
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\SmartParts\PickList\PickListItems.ascx.cs
  • SlxClient\SupportFiles\appSettings.config
  • SLXCustomerPortal\SupportFiles\App_GlobalResources\SalesLogix.resx

Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.

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