Do You Need to Transform Your CRM Strategy in 2019?

CRM Transformation
You most likely do.

Can you believe that in a couple weeks it will be Thanksgiving?  Before you know it we’ll be ringing in the New Year.  And while it may seem like it’s a ways off, now is the time to evaluate your CRM strategy to make sure that in 2019 you fully leverage your CRM solution.  But where do you start?  We suggest registering for “Why Transform Your CRM Strategy in 2019: Real World Case Studies” taking place on November 27th as a good first step.  This best practice webinar, hosted by bpm’online, will cover:

  • Why a holistic customer profile is the foundation for every successful CRM initiative.
  • How successful CRM initiatives get the people (50%), process (30%) and technology (20%) mix right.
  • What approach will take your customer relationship management strategy to the next level.

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve how you use CRM!

Register here!

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