Forced distribution of Library Files

I had a question this week regarding Library Files.

This particular customer has a monthly price sheet that needs to be delivered to Sales Representatives, so they can properly quote customers. In the past this has been emailed, but often lost in the mass amount of emails everyone receives.

In the SalesLogix Administrator, you can add Library Files. Once you have added the file, if you right-click on the file and choose properties. One of the properties available is Forced Distribution. This feature will automatically delivered the file through synchronization to the remote users laptop. If forced distribution is not used, the remote user can still click on the file in their library and order the file, but it would not be immediately available. If the file is ordered, it would take two synchronization cycles to receive that file. The first cycle would send the request for the file, the second cycle would actually deliver the file to the remote user.

Remember, that this entire process is for remote users. Network users would immediately have access to all library files.


Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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