Get Your Copy: The No-Code Playbook is Now Available

There’s no question that low-code and no-code technologies are going to play a big role in how we design our business applications in the future.  The real question is, how will you utilize it within your own organization?  Cue the No-Code Playbook, a vendor-agnostic guide that will put you on the path to building the solutions you need, regardless of complexity, with no-code.  This guide covers areas such as:

  • Principles of no-code development
  • 12 stages of the no-code development lifecycle
  • Complexity assessment framework
  • Governance framework
  • No-code application audit and monitoring

As well as Design, Go-Live, and Everyday Delivery.

We love that the No-Code Playbook is vendor-agnostic, making it a valuable tool for every organization interested leveraging no-code.

Download your copy

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