How do I make sure the Field Security attributes are updated from one Account to the next??


 I have an issue where if you access an account where the fields are read only and then move to the next account where the fields should be editable, the read only attribute is transferred to the next account.

To resolve this issue I do a ctrl F5 and refresh the screen and then it becomes editable as it should.



In SalesLogix  Architect…..

Open up the formplugin desired (System:Account Detail)

Name each of your controls (F4 to see the Properties, click on each control in turn, change the .Name property to txtMyFieldName….)

There should already be an AXFormChange SCRIPT event handler for the form you are looking at, if not add the event handler (click on the form, click on the Property’s window EVENTS tab, double click on the OnChange event)

Whatever the name of the status contol is (pklAccountStatus for example) will control the script.

Maybe it’s

MyTextField1.ReadOnly = True

MyTextField1.ReadOnly = True

SELECT CASE pklStatus.Text

     CASE “Active”

          MyTextField1.ReadOnly = True

          MyTextField1.ReadOnly = True

CASE “Inactive”



or maybe it’s

If pklAccountStatus.Text = “Active” Then

     MyTextField1.ReadOnly = True

     MyTextField1.ReadOnly = True


End If

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