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How Can You Get a Count of All Your Groups in Saleslogix?

Today I had a Administrator ask me how they could get a count of all of their groups in SalesLogix. They were doing maintenance and deleting many old groups in the system, which should be done frequently. The following script can be run in the Sql server management studio to show you a count all all groups in Saleslogix:

Can I use Internet Explorer with SalesLogix version 8.0?

Question: I am upgrading to SalesLogix version 8.0, and I am wondering if I can still use Internet Explorer version 8 or should I also upgrade my browser? Answer: Yes. Internet Explorer is certainly supported with SalesLogix 8.0, however, you'll find much better performance with Firefox. Take a look at the following and see some benchmark results showing speed comparisons between Internet Explorer and Firefox when using SalesLogix.

I receive an error when I try to run the SalesLogix sysdbafix_script.

I receive an error when I try to run the SalesLogix sysdbafix_script. I have: * Windows Server 2008 R2 * Microsoft SQL Server 2005 set up with mixed authentication on same server * SLX 7.5.1 installed I had to attach the Saleslogix blank database manually, which went fine - and I understand that I need to run this script, but I can't get past that error. I have tried running the script logged in using Windows authentication as a dom...

What is the best way to delete unused Groups in SalesLogix?

After several years of using SalesLogix – we have hundreds of groups, most of which are no longer used as they were created on the fly. It looks like the best way to tackle them in mass is thru the Architect, PlugIn. Is there any known harm in deleting groups from the Plug In feature of Architect?

Is there a good Delete accounts procedure in SalesLogix?

This has probably come up before somewhere, but a client of ours has deleted some accounts and don't know who it did and when, and was dissappointed to learn that out the box when you delete accounts they just get deleted with no trace. Is there anything we can do with the out the box solution (7.2.0 LAN client) to log when accounts are deleted or even mark for deletion before fully deleting, or has anyone developed an add on to add this fun...