How-to: Creating a New Manager Field in Infor CRM

There may be many routes to the same solution, but here is one method to get a new Manager field into Infor CRM. First and foremost, do this on a test system. Also, backup your database prior to making any changes.

In this scenario we want to create a new Support Manager field on the Ticket Entity level.  To begin, I will create a new ID field in the Ticket table. This is done in the Administrator program.

1. Open the Administrator.









2. Go to Manage/Database.

3. Go to the Ticket table.

4. Right click on the Ticket Table and choose Create New Field.








5. I have named the new field “SupportManagerID”.  In the Display Name I have removed ID and named the field “Support Manager”. The field name cannot contain spaces, but that is allowed in the display name.












6. Once your field is created, click on OK and click on the Red Check mark on the icon bar. This will apply your changes to the database.



Now, we will switch programs and open the Application Architect.

1. In the Application Architect go to View/Project Explorer.










2. Expand your Entity Model under the VFS.










3. Right click on the Ticket table and choose Update Properties.






4. Choose Update Properties and scroll to the bottom of the list of Properties.  You will see the new SupportManagerId field, check the box and click on Finish.












5. Now that you have checked that box, you have included it in the Entity. If you want that field to be available to use on a form, you must first Build the System.

6. Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and click on the “Build Web Platform” button.





7. You can open your Output window to view the progress. View/Output Window.

8. The system will tell you when the Build is complete.





9. If you want the Username to show up correctly on your form, you need to create a relationship in the Entity before you add the field to the Ticket Details form. If you don’t then it will show a User ID, and you will not be able to determine the correct user.

10. Create a relationship to your new SupportManagerID field. Go to the Ticket Entity on the left side of the screen and highlight Child Properties. Right click on Child Properties and choose “New Relationship”.






11. Set up the new relationship as in the graphic below.


















12. Connect your Support Manager field to your User ID in the User Table.

13. Click on OK when finished. Make sure you change the Property Name and the Display Name to Support Manger.

14. If you are bundling your changes for another system make sure you add this relationship to your bundle. If you are doing this on your LIVE system, you can skip this step.

15. Make sure you save everything and then Build/Deploy the database. Click Save All.

Now you can add your field to a form.

1. Find the Ticket Details form in the Project Explorer and double click on it.












2. This will open your form in the main part of the screen.








3. Create a new field with a username as the field value. I am going to right click on the form where I want my new field and choose Insert/Lookup/User.









4. Now I will adjust the properties of this field to work with our new SupportManagerId field. We will be using the relationship that we just created called SupportManager.

5. Go to View/Properties, which will open the Properties window.















6. Make sure your new field is highlighted so you access the correct properties.







7. Change the Caption Property to “Support Manager”.

8. In the Data Bindings field, choose your SupportManager field. Double click on it to move it to the Binding field on the right side of the screen. This is your new relationship field, not the ID field. Click on OK, when finished.












9. You can save your form and Build/Deploy your system.

10. When you are finished, you can look in the Web Client to see your new field.

11. Make sure you can add a user to the field and save the record. Switch to another record and return to the original record to make sure your data is bound to the record.

That’s it!  Notice the Support Manager field on the bottom right of the screen.









Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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