Infor CRM – What are those line items on my annual renewal invoice?

Ever get your annual Infor CRM Maintenance and Support renewal invoice and wonder what all of the line items are?  Here is an explanation of some of the common ones we see;


Infor CRM Architect  – This is a server application license used to modify the LAN client and to create new LAN plugins

Infor CRM Suite Premier  – This is the license that unlocks the Premier level features like advanced speed search and the ability to add new plugins.

Infor CRM Suite Premier (with a count larger than one) – This is the named user licenses

Infor CRM Suite Premier Concurrent Users  – This is the concurrent user licenses

Infor CRM Remote Office Server – This is the license for remote office locations that sync to a local database

Crystal Reports Designer  – This is the license for creating and modifying Crystal Reports

Infor CRM Sync Server  – This is the license for the main office sync server if you are using remote databases or remote offices.

Infor CRM Limited use Named user for Data Only Access  – This license is for connecting to the Saleslogix database from a 3rd party source.

Infor CRM Server Premier – This is the Saleslogix database server license

Infor CRM Self Service Portal Limited – This is the license for the customer support portal.  This enables customers to create support cases on your website.

Infor CRM Exchange Link  – This is the license for integrating Saleslogix with Exchange server for email, calendar, and Contact integration.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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