How to Set or Change the Location of the Job Service Portal

I was recently was setting up an Infor CRM server, and had trouble getting Infor CRM to see the Job Service Portal I had just deployed. I did eventually find how to configure the location, but I did not come across an single source explaining how to set it up.  So I am creating that here.

In Infor CRM software, the Job Service Portal is deployed by the Application Architect, along with the SLX Client Portal, SData Portal, and any other web portals you choose to deploy.  The default deployment path for most versions of Infor CRM is %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Sage\Scheduling\Tenants, but you can deploy it to some other path if desired.

Job Service Portal

This controls where the Job Service Portal is deployed.  To configure where the Infor CRM client is looking for the Job Service Portal, you need to edit the SLXJobServer.exe.config file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Saleslogix.  In the app settings section of the config file, there is a line for the sage.scheduling.server.tenantRoot key which tells CRM where to find the job portal. This needs to be set to whatever path the Job Service Portal is deployed to.


There is nothing in the system that keeps the two values synchronized, so if you need to change the location of the Job Service Portal from the default value, make sure you change it both places, and make sure the two values match exactly.  Best practices for Infor CRM do not indicate a specific best path to use, but the default path works fine in most cases.

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