Inbox Guru – New Landing Page / Survey module for Infor CRM

Inbox Guru continues to make rapid improvements to it’s functionality and features.  It’s latest new feature is a survey module which is highly integrated into Infor CRM.

Here are some features of the page designer

  • Any question can be mapped back to the Infor CRM contact or lead
  • Page URLs are the companies domain name
  • The URL can end with a custom tag.  For example
  • The form control designer will show you in real-time how the form will be rendered.
  • Each page can be customized with HTML blocks to personalize the page
  • Each end page can be customized with HTML to personalize the page.
  • Form fields can be pre-filled with Infor CRM Lead or Contact data provided that the recipient has been cookied and the form field is mapped to the CRM
  • There are 16 custom controls to use to capture data including rating, slider, and type-ahead drop down boxes.
  • The decision tree allows for unlimited branching and progressive profiling.


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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