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Infor CRM 9.2 is now available

Infor CRM 9.2 can now be downloaded from the Infor Support website.  Here are some of the updates you can expect to find.  Find a link to the full list at the bottom of this page. Infor CRM Mail Merge for Microsoft Word Time zone field formatting When a Family picklist is edited in the […]

Infor CRM 9.2 – New Speed Search UI

Here is a screenshot of the all-new UI for the Infor CRM Speed Search engine.  Speed Search has always been a powerful and useful feature of Infor CRM however, the user interface was very dated. I like how the results within each entity are grouped in this new version.

Xbar 1.4.2 for Infor CRM is now available

Infor has released a new version of Xbar for Outlook, which can be downloaded from the downloads area on the Infor Support Portal. Xbar 1.4.2 contains numerous bug fixes as well as several new features. For a complete list of what’s new and fixed, click the link below. Infor_CRM_SLX_Xbar_1.4.2_Release_Report 1 Add a text notification when […]

Infor CRM – Can I just use Microsoft SQL Express?

SQL Express has some limitations compared to the full MS SQL products. Even Infor suggests that a CRM system will run on SQL Express and it does, however, in a production environment, it’s usually not the 10gb database size limitation that gets you but rather the 1 GB database Engine limitation that will make for […]

Infor CRM – Additional Workflow features

This is a significant new capability being added to Infor CRM 9.x. Everything we do is part of a workflow/process and now Infor has added many more elements and capabilities to the CRM workflow engine. Check out the list of all you can now do using workflow automation all build using a simple graphical UI. […]

Infor CRM – New History Main View

Here is another new feature coming in Infor CRM 9.x They have added a new main view for History records.  This provides all the benefits of other main views such as building groups, searching, and exporting. Coming soon to version 9.x