Increasing Attachment Size in the Infor CRM Web Client

Customers often come to us requesting that we increase the attachment size in the the Infor CRM Web client.  While we are always happy to help with this request, it is also something many customers can do on their own.  So, how do you increase the attachment size for the Infor CRM Web Client?


To increase the maximum allowed attachment size in Infor CRM we’ll need to change a setting in the web.config file for the SlxClient portal.

We’ll be making this change in Application Architect. The setting you are going to change in the web.config is maxRequestLength. The maxRequestLength expects a value in KB, so a value of  “40960” would mean 40MB.

To change the maximum attachment size allowed in Infor CRM, go to the Application Architect:

  1. Find the View Menu and choose Project Explorer
  2. Expand Portal by clicking on the + sign
  3. Expand Slxclient by clicking on the + sign
  4. Expand SupportFiles by clicking on the + sign
  5. Look for the web.config file and double-click to open
  6. Using Ctrl + F will bring up the Search window
  7. Search for “httpruntime”
  8. Change the value for maxRequestLength as shown below:
<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" targetFramework="4.5.2" maxQueryStringLength="49152" maxRequestLength="32768" />

Some things to note:

You’ll see in that line maxRequestlength=”32768″, if you want to change it to 40 mb, you change that number to “40960”.

If you want to find a different value for a corresponding MB, you can do a google search for “###mb equals how many kb”.

After you save this change in the Application Architect you’ll need to do a deploy (however a build is not necessary).

And there you have it, increasing the attachment size in the Infor CRM Web client is pretty straightforward and we hope these steps help if you find the need to do so in the future.


Dale Richter

Director of Training- I have worked with Customer FX since 1997

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