Infor CRM (Formerly Saleslogix) Web Client- Error in the Event Logs “userOption entity not found”

We recently had a client upgrade from a previous version to v8.1 of Infor CRM.  Their web client was running however frequent error logs were being written to the event logs on the web server such as the following:

2015-01-06 15:02:11,665 [36] ERROR Global – Integration Messaging MessagingService unhandled exception [Saleslogix Error Id=SLXDA19EBA812E1B6AA]
  “slxErrorId”: “SLXDA19EBA812E1B6AA”,
  “mitigation”: “AjaxMessagingServiceError (404)”,
  “date”: “2015-01-06T15:02:11”,
  “utc”: “2015-01-06T23:02:11”,
  “message”: “userOption entity not found.”,
  “source”: “Sage.Platform.SData.RequestHandlerBase`3, Sage.Platform, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null”,
  “type”: “Sage.Common.Syndication.DiagnosesException”,
  “stackTrace”: ”   at Sage.Platform.SData.RequestHandlerBase`3.GetEntity(ICriteria criteria, Nullable`1 missingStatus)rn   at Sage.Platform.SData.RequestHandlerBase`3.GetEntity(UriFormatter uri, Boolean isRead)rn   at Sage.Platform.SData.RequestHandlerBase`3.InternalGet()rn   at Invokeb0c53120ce6a4149875595b333d08f02.Invoke(Object , IRequest )rn   at Sage.Integration.Messaging.RequestTargetRegistration.RequestTargetInvoker.Invoke(IRequest request)rn   at Sage.Integration.Messaging.Request.Process(RequestTargetInvoker invoker)rn   at Sage.Integration.Adapter.AdapterController.RealAdapterController.Process(IRequest request)rn   at Sage.Integration.Adapter.AdapterController.RealAdapterController.ProcessWorker(IProtocolRequest protocolRequest)rn   at Sage.Integration.Adapter.AdapterController.Process(IProtocolRequest request)rn   at Sage.Integration.Messaging.MessagingService.Process(IProtocolRequest protocolRequest)”,
  “targetSite”: “TEntity GetEntity(NHibernate.ICriteria, System.Nullable`1[System.Net.HttpStatusCode])”,
  “hashCode”: “FA95BF4E-38B437F8-523DCDAA”,
  “pid”: 5820,
  “identity”: {
    “name”: “admin”,
    “isAuthenticated”: true,
    “authenticationType”: “Forms”
  “version”: “”,
  “logger”: {
    “level”: “ERROR”,
    “location”: “Sage.Platform.Diagnostics.ErrorHelper.LogException(:0)”,
    “name”: “Global”,
    “message”: “Integration Messaging MessagingService unhandled exception [Saleslogix Error Id=SLXDA19EBA812E1B6AA]”
  “request”: {
    “looksLikeAjax”: true,
    “isLocal”: false,
    “method”: “GET”,
    “url”: “http://localhost:3333/SlxClient/slxdata.ashx/slx/system/-/userOptions(category eq ‘GroupLookup’ and name eq ‘StayInDetailView’)?_includeContent=false&format=json&_t=1420585330779”,
    “referrer”: “http://localhost:3333/SlxClient/Home.aspx”,
    “ipAddress”: “localhost”,
    “userAgent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.2; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/39.0.2171.95 Safari/537.36”,
    “userLanguages”: “en-US; en;q=0.8”

It turns out there really is not anything wrong with the userOptions entity.  This type of error is produced when a specific record is attempted to be located through the slxdata.ashx handler and when no results are returned.  The key is this line here:

eq ‘GroupLookup’ and name eq

This line shows what was being queried.  The userOptions system endpoint is actually pointing to the table USEROPTIONDEF (there is a USEROPTIONS table but that is not the right one).  Turns out during the upgrade 4 standard items were missing.  These include:


Adding these default values to the table fixed the issues and the errors no longer occurred in the event logs.

I have seen similar errors when looking for other records, like groups.  The Welcome page has pre-defined dashboard widgets pointing to groups.  If you don’t have these groups in your system You will get similar errors.

 These have errors like this.
“message”: “group entity not found.”,

“url”: “http://localhost:3333/SlxClient/slxdata.ashx/slx/system/-/groups(name eq ‘My Notes’ and upper(family) eq ‘HISTORY’)?_includeContent=false&include=layout&format=json&_t=1420585332770”,


Kris Halsrud

Kris Halsrud is a Senior Analyst / Developer for Customer FX Corporation.


  1. hello,
    I am getting an error message of (unable to save file to specified attachment directory
    HELP !

    • Make sure that UNC is accessible and the user attempting to write to it has read/write access. If this is from the web client than that would be the user set up under the App Pool.

  2. Hello, Thanks for your article. Do you have information about this error?
    My field type is True/False and I am using checkbox for the same. Does this need casting?

    Cannot implicitly convert type ‘bool’ to ‘Sage.SalesLogix.Web.Controls.SLXCheckBox’

    • Make sure you are binding to the Checked property. You can look at the Contact entity and the do not solicit property to see how to set it up correctly.

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