Infor CRM Mobile 4.3 is now available

Changes in Mobile 4.3

  • Removed lead/account validator when inserting notes/history
  • Added all available options to configuration/development.js and configuration/production.js
    • Options are commented out by default, allowing the user to simply un-comment and save
  • Allow attachments to “save as..” when over Chrome’s data URI limit
  • Fix language/region dropdowns loading from the same source
    • Allows for adding regions that do not have language strings
  • Searching for nearby accounts with Contour now properly sorts based on distance when the results are paged
  • Accounts nearby now defaults to customer account types
  • Add comment to configuration setting indicating website must be secure to use service workers
  • Added error handling for service worker registration
    • User will be prompted with an error dialog, instead of a blank screen
  • Added ability to complete an occurrence or entire series from activity list via quick action
  • Optimized area/category/issue to use the new areaCategoryIssues business rules added in (if available)
    • GetDistinctAreas
    • GetDistinctAreaCategories
    • GetDistinctAreaCategoryIssues
  • Renamed product from “Infor CRM” to “Infor CRM SLX” where appropriate
  • Fix ERP account dashboards reset to 0.00% when changing the date range
  • Fix broken quote dashboard widgets
  • Related ERP item lists will now sort on CreateDate desc, to show the more recent items first
  • Show base exchange rate and my exchange rate in sales order detail
  • If the pricing and availability service returns errors, display them to the user
    • Applies to quote/sales order pricing/total actions

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Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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