Infor is terminating their partnership with Marketo

For those customers that have a Marketo marketing solution and Infor CRM, there is a change coming that may or may not impact you.  Please read the announcement below for the details.  I did get clarification from the Infor product managers that this is not going to impact the native integration between Infor CRM and Marketo but is more of a business relationship and Marketo support shift.  I suspect that Infor will remove the Marketo integration stuff from the base code which is a good thing.  It makes more sense to add that code in a bundle for those customers that need it.

Dear Customer,

Please be advised that Infor will be terminating its solution partner relationship with Marketo®. This termination will be implemented worldwide, effective August 9, 2020.

Customers that have licensed Marketo products made available through the Infor-Marketo relationship prior to August 9, 2020 and that are not otherwise in breach of any applicable contract obligations, will continue to retain the applicable licenses for those Marketo products as respectively granted by such license agreements. However, effective August 9, 2020, all new licensing, maintenance, support, and other servicing of Marketo products (including the purchase of additional user licenses for Marketo products) must be purchased directly from Marketo. There will be no new sales of licenses, add-on license sales, or maintenance and support renewals through Infor on or after August 9, 2020.

All current customer contracts with Infor related to maintenance and support of Marketo products will be supported by Infor through the applicable annual term of such contracts.

All future contract renewals for Marketo product maintenance and support must be entered into directly with Marketo.

To contact Marketo about renewing Marketo product maintenance and support or otherwise to purchase any additional user licenses for Marketo products, please contact Nate Neufeld, Partner Sales Manager, at (720)472-7224 or by email at

Your Infor account manager can also assist you with answering any questions you may have.

Paul Zeimet
Director, Software Development


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.

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