Issues with performance in Saleslogix 8.1 web

I wanted to share some of our recent experiences with a few large customer upgrade projects.  We were noticing sub-par performance with general navigation including slowness and lags specifically when changing entries and selecting groups in 8.1 web.  It turns out that there is some code related to retrieving Groups that loops through the query multiple times for every navigation change.  This slowness is not really noticeable for smaller databases and those without a lot of groups but, the cause of the issue becomes apparent once you dig a little deeper.  In the LAN client, there was a user preference for lookups that created a temporary or ad-hoc group for every lookup.  This was a nice feature but resulted in thousands of groups being stored in the database for some customers.  Also, if you have had SalesLogix in place for a few years, lots of un-needed groups get built, shared and then hidden instead of being deleted by the users.  You may have created the perfect storm without realizing it.

Hats off to SalesLogix who promptly released Web Core Update 01 for Saleslogix v8.1 which corrects the group query looping issue however, it still has to churn through potentially loads of records before presenting the fully rendered web page.  We suggest running the Group Analyzer tool available from SalesLogix to test your groups to see if there are any issues with your groups themselves and also purging any un-needed groups from your system.  Ad-Hoc Groups are stored in a separate table in your database and those may need to be purged as well.

You can download the GroupAnalyzer tool from us here: Download GroupAnalyzer


Scott Weber

Scott Weber is CRM Practice Manager and Senior Consultant for Customer FX Corporation.


  1. Where did the GroupAnalyzer gone?

    • Jose, since we launched our new website some downloads aren’t yet available. We will be launching a new tools section in the coming weeks that will include the Group Analyzer. Thanks.

    • Thanks Ryan!

  2. Hi Ryan,

    Where did the GroupAnalyzer gone again?

  3. Many thanks Ryan!


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