KnowledgeSync Advanced EventPak for SalesLogix

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New Advanced EventPak for Sage SalesLogix

Vineyardsoft is pleased to announce the availability of a new “Advanced” KnowledgeSync EventPak for users of Sage Software’s SalesLogix CRM solution. Available at no cost to SalesLogix clients and business partners, this EventPak is designed as a complement to the existing “Basic” pak, and expands on the CRM business conditions that are monitored & responded to by the KnowledgeSync solution.

The SalesLogix Advanced EventPak contains over 70 pre-configured business conditions that KnowledgeSync will identify within the SalesLogix solution. Among the new conditions monitored are:

  • Activities starting in ‘x’ minutes
  • Contracts starting or ending
  • Defects that are reported
  • Too few tasks completed per rep
  • Opportunities not updated in ‘x’ days
  • Opportunities requiring follow-up today
  • Opportunities realizing a low percentage of forecast
  • Library docs expiring
  • Literature fulfillment requests
  • Sales literature that expires
  • Sales dollars per lead source
  • Abnormally high or low pipelines
  • New product pricing
  • RMA (Return Material Authorization) tracking
  • Abnormal number of support tickets
  • Abnormal number of tickets per problem area, priority, urgency, etc.
  • Tickets with expired service contract
  • Tickets with solution urgently needed
  • Tickets whose status changes

The Advanced EventPak for Sage SalesLogix is available for free download from the Vineyardsoft web site at (The KnowledgeSync “basic” EventPak for SalesLogix is also available from this site.)


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