Building a Group of SalesLogix Contacts Through an Association in SalesLogix 7.5.1

Have you ever needed to build a group of contacts starting from the account level?  Here is an example of group of contacts that are linked to the associated Accounts.  We start the group from the Account list view and select an accountid as our sole condition.  After creating the condition we will need to create an inner join from the Association Table to the Contact table based on the Association.FromID to the Contact.AccountID.  This will provide the filter that brings in only those contacts that are in the associated accounts.  The next step is opening up the Layout tab and removing all of the existing fields.  Our last step is adding fields from the contact table that was linked to the association table.  

Here is an example of the Layout.  Account.Association.Contact.Account will return the associated account(s),  Account.Association.Contact.Firstname will return the associated conatact’s firstname, and the Account.Association.Contact.Lastname will return the associated contacts lastname.  This is not a real hard group to build it’s just a matter of getting the Association to Contact join built correctly and then adding the proper fields to the layout.

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