Managing Teams in the Infor CRM SLX LAN Administrator Program

As I mentioned last post, Teams in Infor CRM SLX can be managed both in the web client, and in the LAN administrator. Since the Infor CRM SLX web client is currently much more popular that the LAN version, I mostly blog about it. In the case of Teams, I have a preference for how the LAN client displays the Teams, and the interface is just slightly different, so I wanted to give it its own post.

Teams with Org Chart

If you open the LAN Administrator program, you will see that one of the main icons on the left is Teams. Clicking that will indeed bring you to the Teams management section. This is an expandable/collapsible nested list of all the Teams. You can also toggle it to include the Org chart, which is the same type of chart, but for Departments and Managers. As a very visual person, I appreciate having a chart to look at, as opposed to the series of links the website uses.

Teams with Tools

Using the buttons at the top, you can create a new Team, add or remove Users, or even edit a User’s CRM profile. If you want to edit a User’s Team profile you need to toggle on the Tools. The Tools will display the default profile a Team if you select a Team, or a User’s Team profile if you select a User. You can edit the access level for a Team or User when one is selected. You can also set filtering, and select whether or not to add a User’s Manager any time a user is added to a Team.

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