New Sage SalesLogix Mobile Announced Today


Sage announced the new SalesLogix Mobile solution to Business partners today, based on the HTML5 framework.  The new SalesLogix Mobile will work on all popular smartphones and tablets.  So now we have:

  • SalesLogix iPhone

  • SalesLogix iPad

  • SalesLogix Android

  • SalesLogix Blackberry

Best of all, because of the platform Sage chose, it will be easy to support your users regardless of what type of device they have.  In fact, the same users will be able to use SalesLogix Mobile on multiple devices – say an Android tablet like the Motorola Xoom when they’re at home and their iPhone when they’re out and about.  Pretty cool.  Stay tuned, we have a bunch more info coming.

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David Tinjum

Dave is Founder and President of Customer FX Corporation. We all feel sorry for Dave - he's a wanna be geek who can't write a single line of code. How pathetic! Lucky for him, he's surrounded by a whole team of Alpha Geeks. Dave has been an industry insider since 1987 and is called the "Godfather of CRM" by some of his long time peers. He served as Chair of the GoldMine Channel Partner Council from 1993-2000 and Chair of the SalesLogix Business Partner Advisory Council from 1998-2004.

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