Run or Schedule Jobs Using the Infor CRM SLX Job Manager

If you need to run, schedule, or check the status of a job in the Infor CRM SLX web client, you can perform those tasks in the Job Manger. Here you can view the progress of jobs that are running, kick off defined jobs, and change the schedule of jobs that are set to run regularly. In order to open the Job Manager, you must be logged in to the Infor CRM SLX web client with an administrative account. Expand the  Administration section in the nav bar on the left side of the screen and click Job Manager.  It will open to the Executions tab, which shows all the jobs that are currently running, or have recently run.  On a healthy system, you will see perhaps a few jobs in midst of running, and a long list of completed jobs showing 100% under progress.

Job Manager

If you just need to run a job a single time, you can find the job in the Definitions tab, right click on the job, the click create schedule.  The Run/Schedule Job window that opens has a dropdown to choose whether you wish to run the job now, or create a schedule for that job.  Selecting Run Now and then clicking OK will immediately run the job.  If you choose to create a schedule, that works similar to editing an existing schedule as discussed in the next paragraph.

Run Job

To edit a schedule using the Job Manger, go to the Schedule tab, right click on the job, and choose Edit Schedule.  The Run/Schedule Job window that opens is slightly different from the one that opens in the previous tab.  Is this window, there is a line to set the frequency.  Using dropdowns, you can set the job to run at an interval of some minutes or hours, or even daily, or only on selected days.  You can also set start and end dates, if that is desirable for some reason. The Description is usually based on how often a job runs, and you may edit the Description to reflect to new schedule if desired.  After you click OK, the job should immediately begin following the new schedule.

Schedule Job

There are some limitations to making changes this way.  The biggest limitation is that the schedule changes are not stored anywhere permanent in Infor CRM SLX. If the server is rebooted, or if the job service is redeployed; all the job schedules will be set back to the defaults, and any changes you made will be lost. Also, some jobs are scheduled not using the dropdown variables as describe above, but with Cron expressions. This includes any job whose interval is expressed in seconds rather than minutes or hours. Where to edit jobs so that the changes are more durable, and how to edit Cron expressions will be covered in later posts.

Cron Expression

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