SalesLogix Mobile on iPad Demo Video and Q&A [Video]

Here’s the video and Q&A from our SalesLogix Mobile Webcast Yesterday:

Web Chat from our SalesLogix Mobile iPad Webcast Yesterday

Audience Question
Q: By caching, does it take up all the storage on your iPhone?
A: You control the amount of data it will store based on recently visited pages and you can clear the storage in your settings as needed
Audience Question
Q: Can you explian/describe the security? data encryption.
A: It uses SSL for data and your SalesLogix user name and password for the application.  You may want to Google SSL for a complete description and details on the SSL security method
Can you pls expalin SDATA?
A: SDATA is the Sage standard for data sharing and application integration.  It is included with the SalesLogix Web application and used by Mobile.  The Sage support web site has additional documentation on SDATA
Audience Question
Q: Does it work with Google apps email?
A: If you are refering to the Android version, then yes.  It uses the default email client on your mobile device.
Audience Question
Q: If a picklist is required in the Web or Lan will it be required in the mobile?
A: Yes, it uses the same pick lists and settings as the SalesLogix web client for a given data field.
Audience Question
Q: Is the cache pool secure? If the device is lost/stolen, will the data be exposed?
A: If the thief knows your SalesLogix user name and password they would be able to access the cached data.  If not, they cannot access the cached data
Audience Question
Q: Is there a calendar?
A: Not in this release, it is on the roadmap however.  You SalesLogix calendar does sync with you mobile device calendar using the new Intellisync application or ExchangeLink.
Audience Question
Q: Our SLX web instance is highly customized, Will the Mobile version also require extensive customization or will it automatically display all the updated screens and fields, etc? Thx
A: All required customizations would need to be recreated in the mobile application; they do not appear in the mobile version.
Audience Question
Q: So SLX mobile is not available for old blackberries?
A: Only touch screen smartphone models with HTML5 browsers
Audience Question
Q: if I add a Lead or Contact or acct on the mobile, will it automatically sync to the database
A: The connection is live, there is no syncing involved so changes, including adding Leads and Contacts are real time.
Audience Question
Q: Can an Admin kill the app remotely? …in the event that the device is lost/stolen?
A: They can deactivate your SalesLogix login which stops that users access from all SalesLogix client applications including mobile.
Audience Question
Q: What about attachments?  Are they available?
A: Sorry, not in this release
Audience Question
Q: If I email a contact via SLX mobile and iphone, will it record to history
A: if you started the email process from within the SalesLogix mobile app then yes.  If you started from your email cllient then it woud not.
Audience Question
Q: Is there access to the calendar view?
A: Not in this release but it is coming in a future release.  Your mobile device calendar can sync to SalesLogix using Intellisync or Exchangelink.
Audience Question
Q: using Google apps email on iPhone, will SLX mobile work with that?
A: No, only the native iPhone email client which could be using your Gmail account
Audience Question
Q: Is there an expected release date to be able to complete activities and will there be a dashboard associated with the mobile app?
A: It is scheduled for this summer, watch our web site for blog posts, we like to get the scoop
Audience Question
Q: How difficult to customize to show My Tickets and My Activities?
A: Coming in a future release, right now yt requires knowledge of developing in HTML.


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