The Software Report Names Its Top 100 Software Companies of 2023


The 4th annual Top 100 Software Companies has been announced by The Software Report and Creatio has made the list!  The Top 100 Software Companies are chosen after an indepth evaluation, involving a thorough analysis of feedback from nominations and extensive research into a company’s history. This includes scrutiny of publicly available information and insights from platforms like Glassdoor, G2, Capterra, and other reputable sources. The Software Report employs a comprehensive approach, taking into account various factors such as product functionality, customer satisfaction, corporate reputation, innovative capabilities, organizational depth, ESG involvement, and long-term viability, among other criteria, to ensure a well-rounded assessment.

So what is it about Creatio that makes it worthy of making the list?

“Creatio’s composable architecture empowers organizations to accelerate the application design process and maximize the re-usability of ready-to-use components. All the components are pluggable, replaceable, and reusable, substituting the significant amount of configuration, customization, and development work by the process of assembling applications with available blocks and components.”

You can read the Creatio press release here.

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