Troubleshooting the SalesLogix Disconnected Web Client

Last week I blogged on the deployment of the Disconnected Web Client. Today’s post discusses the issues that could arise on the Installation of the Disconnected Web Client. If you have deployed in Application Architect and ran the sync server then the remote users should be able to run sync, apply the changes, and open the personal web server and then the SLXClient. They are now using the Disconnected Web client against a remote database. They will need to sync back to the production server. What happens when the SLXClient does not open on the remote computer? Well it could be that the deployment did not put the required files in the slxLogsPortalDeployments folder. If that folder is empty and the SLXClient is grayed out on the remote then run the Disconnected Web Client deployment again, run the sync server again and have the remote run sync as well. If the remote ran a sync and the SLXClient attempts to open and returns an error “Could not load file or assembly ‘Sage.SalesLogix.Web’ or one of it’s components then something has not installed correctly. We compared the folder structure on two different remote computers and found that the SLXClient Bin folder was missing on one system. To correct, copy the entire SLXClient folder from the working computer to the other system and edit the connection.config file to point to the correct system. Reinstalling and repairing the installation did nothing.

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  1. Very interesting. I have an issue with a user on a SLX disconnected web client.

    We decommissioned our production SLX server as we were moving to SF. Prior to the move, I arranged for several of the sales guys to have the SLX disconnected client installed on their laptops as a stand alone, so they had their SLX data to refer to down the road from moving them to SF.

    The issue is one guys SLX client will now not open. He gets to the splash screen , and it rejects his password (which he claims he has not forgotten – in fairness, he was always one of the more dependable SLX users!).

    I still have a working copy of the disconnected client on my desktop, and the question is (finally!) , any thoughts on how to get his copy up and running again. We tried downloading SQL studio but it would not recognise his SLX instance. I am thinking just copy my instance, and install on his laptop?



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